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Grease Containment
BEFORE                        AFTER 

Our Grease Containment Systems provide a clean, efficient and proactive solution for your exhaust fan maintenance needs.

"Grease Ender" boxes and the flat frame "Grease Fighter" Systems will put a stop to your grease containment problems!

What makes it unique?  Our boxes, unlike any other, are hinged.  This eliminates lost or misplaced lids reducing damage to bonded roofs.  Cartridges absorb grease and 
oil, but not water.  You will 
experience higher efficiency in
your units by using our products.
Two sizes of cartridges are 
available; Mighty Mite I and 
Mighty Mite II.

"Grease Ender" I

"Grease Ender" boxes and the Flat frame "Grease Fighter" Systems together

Special modifications are available to meet the needs of your existing units and space.  Contact us for more information!

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