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Cleaning & Flushing Kit
Tankless Water Heater Scale Cleaning & Flushing Kit

Lime and scale buildup will reduce the efficiency of your tankless water heater in a  matter of months.

We use Flow-Aide System Descaler, which quickly dissolves scale, lime rust and other water formed deposits; restoring efficiency to tankless water heaters.

Cleaning is recommended a minimum of one time per year.  

Flow-Aide System Descaler helps bring your water heater back to life in minutes.

Flow-Aide System Descaler is a non-toxic biodegradable concentrate.

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Each kit includes the following:

One (1) 3 1/2 gallon bucket
One (1) 110v circulating pump
One (1) quart Flow-Aide Descaler
Two (2) hoses for connecting to the existing 3/4" hot and cold service connections
One (1) Detailed instruction sheet
One (1) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
One (1) pair protective gloves